This aerial map was produced for Wirral MBC from 49 images collected by our hexacopter over two 6 minute flights.

The flights were made early in the morning to avoid putting members of the public at risk and the causeway was monitored by our experienced ground staff to make sure the mission went without a hitch.

Each 20 mega-pixel image was geo-located using GPS data from the flight log as well as ground control points established using RTK GNSS.

The pixel resolution of this map is 1.6cm per pixel, much higher that the 25cm resolution you can buy off the shelf from the likes of Ordnance Survey or Getmapping. The real advantage of our aerial maps is that they are up to date and show the current layout of the chosen site. We can even make multiple visits to a site to build up a picture over time of the day to day changes at all phases of a project.

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West Kirby Sailing Centre by SkyEye UK

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